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Weathering Yard Rules
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No tidbits or feeding is allowed in or near the weathering yard.  Judicious use of pick-up meat is allowed.

Perches should not be taller than the height of the bird.

Birds need to be tied short, i.e. fit within a 4 x 4’ (16 sq. ft.) area.

No dogs allowed in the weathering yard.  (or at the gate entry area)

No loitering in the yard.  (Please keep storytelling in the yard to a minimum)

No photography inside the yard.  (There are exceptions, and may require an escort – please inquire at the gate)

All transmitters must be turned off in the yard.  (We will periodically sweep the yard and turn off any we find)

Must have a name tag and a bird in the yard to enter the yard.

The Yard Warden has final authority.

To the above, because this is not a covered yard, nor is your bird the only bird present, these following rules have been added since the weathering yard banners were printed:  

No “fishing tackle”, coastal locks, etc. allowed past micro-sized raptors.

No threaded links spring clips or split rings allowed.

Portable perches must be anchored.

Take apart perches:  birds must be tied to the spike – ring between 2 welded plates on the spike - and anchored to the spot.

Photos of unacceptable equipment are at the bottom of this page

These add-ons have all come about due to incidents in the past.  Though none of them caused death or permanent loss, their failures did result in escapes and/or an injury to other’s birds and have been banned from the NAFA weathering yard.  If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me or my crew.  We try our best to check every bird's gear as they come into the yard the first time.  We will be checking gear every day and throughout the day while your birds are in our care.  

SOMETHING NEW:  At registration, you will be issued a tag for your perch(es) with a number.  The number will be registered at the gate with your name and immediate contact information before you can place your bird(s) into the weathering yard.  The reason for this is so the weathering yard crew can contact you in the event something happens.  

The late charges, rental, etc. will be explained in the meet program.  As always – “It’s an honor to be entrusted with your birds” and my crew and I will do everything we can to make this a safe and enjoyable meet.  Hope to see you there!

If you have questions or concerns prior to the meet, please contact me: 

Brandon Borquist at 1-307-337-7394 or Rich Borquist at 1-309-369-4293 and we will address them for you.