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What is the Online Weathering Yard

What is the Online Weathering Yard?


As an organization, communication and sharing of timely information is important.  To better facilitate membership engagement NAFA rolled out a new members online community in 2018 that we are fondly call the 'Online Weathering Yard'.


To access this new community simply login into the Members Section using your member ID and password and you'll be presented with the new NAFA Weathering Yard community pages. As the Weathering Yard grows, it's our hope that members will use this new and exciting tool to reach out to other falconers either in their own back yard or around the world while exploring all the features available. Similar to Facebook in many ways, this NAFA members only tool is a safe and inviting place to connect with other falconers while sharing falconry stories and pictures. 


VERY IMPORTANT!!! The NAFA's Online Weathering Yard is best viewed using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Some versions of Apple's Safari browser will not work with the Online Weathering Yard. Along with using Chrome or Firefox on your Apple products, there is another app available to Apple users that works very well on iPhones and iPads SocialLink. *See more below.


The Weathering Yard is a new way to easily connect with fellow members, share information across the NAFA online network, register for meets, pay your membership dues, and manage your membership preferences. to ensure you get timely updates and news from groups you may be subscribed to. List things for sale, post pictures, learn about important conservation initiatives, and how you can become involved, or simply ask questions. Finding member information and updates has never been easier thanks to this exciting product! 


*Apple users, download the Social Link app to your mobile phone or other device: Apple store OR search “SocialLink” in the app store on your mobile phone or other device and download. SocialLink does lack a few features otherwise available when using the recommended browsers.


Possible Safari Fix: Some Safari browsers will continually refresh when logged into the Weathering Yard, where the page refreshes over and over again. A possible fix if you experience continual reloading on your iPhone go to 'Settings' --> 'Safari', the scroll down to 'Privacy & Security' and turn off or un-check 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking'. This needs to be disabled for many sites that use 3rd party cookies, like NAFA's Online Weathering Yard. There are several "optional" tracking and blocking features that browsers utilize, and this happens to be one that interferes with a multitude of platforms/sites. you experience 


To login to the app, you use the same membership login from the NAFA website.


Once logged in it will ask you to confirm some of your personal preferences for the app – you can always go back and adjust these later.

We encourage you to stay logged in to the app for easy access, however, if you do choose to sign out the app will remain on your mobile phone or other device. If you have issues logging back in, clear the cache on your phone. 

This is a membership directory on your phone! Make friends, manage groups, post pictures, ask questions, this is a true membership engagement tool that I hope you will all take the time to learn about and enjoy.

***This community and app is available to current NAFA members only and requires a member login to access.**

To become a member, click here.