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NAFA Frequently Asked Questions
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NAFA Answers frequently asked questions received from the public:

  • I'd like to get some more information about falconry or get in touch with falconers in my area. Can NAFA help?

    We suggest you do these things:
        1) Learn about becoming a falconer.
        2) Contact your state's wildlife/game department.
        3) Contact and join your local falconry organization (good place to find a potential sponsor).
        4) Join NAFA

  • I am a teacher and would like a falconer to come to our school to talk about falconry and birds of prey. Will NAFA provide a falconer for my school?

    • While NAFA believes strongly in the education of our young people and educating the public about falconry, birds of prey and conservation, the answer to your question is no. NAFA is a national organization and all of our members are individuals or are affiliated with NAFA as an organization. We respectfully suggest that you contact the falconry organization in your state or province with your request.

  • Where can I find books about falconry?

    • Place your pointer over the About Falconry tab on the top menu and then select Falconry Books.

  • I have an interest in falconry. Can NAFA find a sponsor for me?

  • Where can I get information about regulations that govern falconry?

  • I have a question about falconry that I was not able to have answered on the website.

NAFA Answers frequently asked questions received from our members:  Please remember that most of your questions can be answered by referring to the Members Area of this web site. We invite you to explore that section for answers to most questions. The "Search" function may also help you.

  • I am a NAFA Member and I'd like the login information for the Members Area. How do I do that?

    • Look in in your most current issue of the Hawk Chalk. The login information is there.

    • Check your older emails from the NAFA President and look in the left columns. The login information is there. 

    • Request the login by email. This is the slow way, it takes time to verify your information and the login request is not automated.

  • I am a NAFA Member and I need some information about my membership (including questions about receiving publications). How do I do that?

  • I'd like to submit a photo to the Photo Galleries.

  • I am not receiving my NAFA publications. Who do I contact about getting these publications?

    • On this website, go to the Members Area tab and scroll to Report Problems; or

    • If your membership is current, contact the NAFA Membership Secretary.

    • If you have questions or do not know if your membership is current, also contact the NAFA Membership Secretary. Please remember your dues must be current to receive publications, notices, updates, etc. If you need to renew your membership, please click here and Renew Your Membership.

  • I am a NAFA Member and I'd like to update my email address, mailing address, or other information. How do I do that?

    • Members may update their information by visiting NAFA Profile (Add/Update) in the Members Area section (or click here.)

  • I am a NAFA member and I'd like more information about this year's NAFA Meet.

  • I'd like information on something else.


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