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SocialLink: SocialLink Ambassadors

(a.k.a Online Weathering Yard Warden)


What are SocialLink Ambassadors?

The Ambassadors (Online Weathering Yard Warden) feature allows NAFA to select Members of our community that will be automatically connected with all other members in our database. It is recommended that we add all NAFA Officers and Staff, Thought Leaders, as well as any members we deem as Moderators for our online community, the Online Weathering Yard.

Why should we use the Ambassadors feature?

This feature is particularly great for your new members because they will not see an empty feed upon their first sign in. In addition, any member who has been made an Ambassador will have the ability to post their comments to the feeds of all members because they are already connected with them through the Ambassadors feature.

Please Note: In order to assign an Ambassador, the Member Type cannot be a Hidden Member Type. The Visibility Settings must be set to either Members Only or Public.


SocialLink FAQ

Q: What is SocialLink?
A: SocialLink is where social media meets member management to help our customers turn
periodic member engagement into stronger member connections. This new social platform
brings together the power of social media, mobile responsive design and activity analytics to
deliver greater value to members and their admins.

SocialLink is designed to increase social and community collaboration, connecting members to
personalized, relevant content, experts and member benefits, while also allowing administrators
to promote key campaigns, membership renewals, event registrations, online courses and paid
job postings to boost revenue.

This new add-­on breaks down silos of information for our customer’s and their members to
exploit the power of real-­time, actionable insights with a single system for complete community

Q: Can we try SocialLink?
A: Yes! We have already released SocialLink on Unity. Unity is our online Admin Community that you can access anytime from the backend of your site. To sign into Unity, from the backend of your website, click on the "Welcome, Your Name" tab in the upper right hand corner. Select the option to "Sign in to Unity." If you already have an account on Unity, you will be taken directly to the SocialLink profile homepage to try out the new feature. If you do not yet have a Unity Account, please contact Support (or your implementation specialist) so that we can create a member account for you.

Q: How will SocialLink help engage our members?
A: SocialLink is the perfect blend of business and pleasure. It combines a lot of the great features from a personal social networking site with the necessary features that a professional network should have. Members can log into their new profile and quickly network with other members of your organization while still accessing important information that your organization needs to convey to them.

Q: When will our site have SocialLink?
A: SocialLink is an add-on feature, if you would like to add this feature to your site, please submit a Support Ticket (or contact your implementation specialist).

Q: Are we able to customize the look and feel of SocialLink?
A: SocialLink can be configured for two different color schemes; Light or Dark. You will also be able to add your Organization's logo into the upper left hand corner of the platform.

Q: How can we be sure that all posts from the Organization Staff are viewed by all members?
A: Within the SocialLink Settings, you can assign Ambassadors for your Organization's feed. Any post made by a SocialLink Ambassador will display in all of the members' feeds. You can assign any member of your database as an Ambassador; To assign a staff member, they must have a Member Account in the system - not just an Admin Account.

More Questions TBA... If you have any additional questions, please submit a Support Ticket (or contact your Implementation Specialist). We're happy to help!


SocialLink: How to post to the Feed

There are multiple ways that you can add content to the SocialLink Feed for your Members to view and interact with.

Feed Posts:
From the backend of your website you can post to the feed as the Organization. To do this, click on the Content & Settings menu tab. Within the left rail menu, select the "SocialLink Settings" section, then click on "Your Feed Posts."

You can add photos and/or text and then click on the "Post" button to have the blurb go live to your members. Since you are making this post from the backend of the website as the main Organization account, this post will display in all of your members' feeds.

From this page, you can also manage any previous posts that were added from the backend.

If you have Active Events on your website, you can go into the List View Icon (the three blue lines to the left of the Event Name) and choose the option to "Promote to Feed." This will create an automatic post on the Feed that alerts your members of the Event and will include a Register button if the event is open for registration.

If you have Active Surveys or Quizzes on your website, you can go into the List View Icon (the three blue lines to the left of the Survey/Quiz Name) and choose the option to "Promote to Feed." This will create an automatic post on the Feed that alerts your members of the Survey/Quiz and will include a call to action button that allows the members to complete the Survey/Quiz.

News Items:
If you have Active News & Press Items on your website, there will be a "Promote to Feed" (it looks like a push pin) icon to the left of the News Item's name. This will create an automatic post on the Feed that alerts your members of the News Article and will include a button to read more - this button takes the member to the actual article to read the full post.

SocialLink Ambassadors:
The Ambassadors is our newest add on to how your staff can post to the feed. While the posts are actually made from the front end of the website, the Ambassadors are configured on the backend.