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NAFA Small Grants Program
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The North American Falconers Association (NAFA) Small Grants Program (SGP) is designed to encourage and provide financial support to a broad range of projects that in some way contribute to our knowledge of falconry and its resources, including the birds flown in the sport.


The NAFA Small Grants Program considers proposals for projects that investigate aspects of falconry, including: its history, legality, equipment and technology; the raptors flown in falconry, including their natural history, conservation, captive management, training, veterinary medicine and breeding; other animals used in the sport, including dogs, ferrets, and horses; game species hunted by falconers; and falconers, their sociology and history.

Funding may be requested for a diverse array of expenses including those associated with: biological, medical, sociological or historical research; building electronic databases and web sites; publication and dissemination costs; other aspects of data presentation like travel, developing new or improved technology or equipment; conservation, education and outreach.

Time Table

  1. Deadline for receipt of proposals: Proposals must be post marked or time stamped by August 15.

  2. Notify applicants that proposal is under review: September 1.

  3. Review of proposals: September 1 through November 1.

  4. Reviewer notifies NAFA President of winners by Wednesday of week of the NAFA Meet.

  5. Awards announced each calendar year at the NAFA Field Meet Banquet.

  6. Letters to recipients will go out at this time.

  7. NAFA will send funds to recipients before December 31 of the calendar year.

Proposal Guidelines

Priority will be given to North American proposals but proposals that occur elsewhere will be considered. All proposals must be post marked or time stamped (e-mail) no later than August 15.

Projects are usually funded for and completed in one year. However, projects lasting longer than one year will also be considered.

There is no minimum amount for granting requests. Proposals are rarely funded for more than $2500. An itemized budget should include an explanation of how expenses not covered by this grant (if any) will be or hope to be met. No administrative overhead will be considered for funding. Money may be budgeted for stipends.

All proposals should include a statement of reporting. This statement should at least include a summary report of findings or goals accomplished to be published in the quarterly publication of NAFA, the Hawk Chalk.

Proposals should include the following:

  • Title

  • Contact information for the Principal Investigator: full name, title, address, phone, fax, e-mail address, institutional organization or affiliation (if any).

  • Accounting: If the proposal is funded, to whom or to which organization would the check be made payable, and where should it be mailed? Provide account number information (if applicable).

  • Background information (if applicable)

  • Purpose of Study

  • Statement of the project's eligibility detailing its relevance or application to falconry

  • Goals and objectives

  • Methods

  • Expected Results or Products (how information or products will be shared or disseminated and to whom; include a statement of reporting).

  • Budget

  • Time Line

  • Literature Cited (optional)

E-mail your proposals to NAFA Vice-President and copy the NAFA President.


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