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Honored Members and Falconers
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NAFA recognizes and honors persons who have made
outstanding contributions to falconry.

(Do you know someone the Board should recognize?)

Freienmuth Award
Named in honor of past NAFA volunteers, Edward and Charlotte Freienmuth. This award is given for someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of NAFA and/or raptors. Recipients are selected by the NAFA Board of Directors and a awarded lifetime Honorary membership.

  • Alan Beske
  • Frank Bond*
  • Rich Borquist
  • Dr. Tom J. Cade*
  • Kent Carnie
  • Dan Cecchini, Jr.
  • Sue Cecchini
  • Larry Dickerson
  • Ralph Rogers
  • Dr. Steve Sherrod
  • Williston Shor*

S. Kent Carnie NAFA-TAF Heritage Award
The award recognizes: "Outstanding contributions toward the preservation of the History, Heritage, Traditions and Ethics of falconry in the Americas". Recipients are selected jointly by The Archives Curator and the NAFA President.

  • Robert Berry
  • Frank Bond*
  • Dr. Tom J. Cade*
  • S. Kent Carnie
  • Dan Cover*
  • Dr. Frank Craighead*
  • Dr. John Craighead*
  • Francis Hamerstrom*
  • Mary Alice Hamilton
  • Dr. Heinz Meng*
  • Morley Nelson*
  • John Swift
  • Jim Weaver

Founders Fellowship
This award was created by the NAFA President and Board of Directors in 2008 to honor two founding members of NAFA. This Fellowship formally recognizes Frank L. Beebe and Harold M. Webster as the two people responsible for the founding of the North American Falconers Association. This fellowship entitles the recipients to continued membership without the payment of dues and awards a plaque in recognition of this accomplishment. This Fellowship carries forward posthumously.

  • Frank L. Beebe*
  • Harold M. Webster*

Honorary Members
Honorary Memberships are lifetime memberships in NAFA and reserved for outstanding individuals who have made a substantial contribution to falconry and/or NAFA, and meet other criteria as established by the Board. Recipients are selected by the NAFA Board of Directors. Foreign Honorary Memberships are limited to one per country. In accordance with NAFA bylaws there can be no more than 25 living Honorary Members.

  1. Robert Berry
  2. Alan Beske
  3. Rich Borquist
  4. S. Kent Carnie
  5. Dan Cecchini, Jr.
  6. Sue Cecchini
  7. Christian Antoine De Chamerlat
  8. Larry Dickerson
  9. Dr. David Eslicker
  10. Dennis Grisco
  11. Harry McElroy
  12. Patrick Morel
  13. William G. Murphy
  14. Doug Pineo
  15. Darryl Perkins
  16. Dr. Pat Redig
  17. Ralph Rogers
  18. Dr. Steve Sherrod
  19. Thomas M. Smylie
  20. Jack Stoddart
  21. James Gregory Thomas
  22. James D. Weaver
  23. Bob Welle

      Deceased Honorary Members

  • Frank Bond
  • Les Boyd
  • Dr. Tom J. Cade
  • John A. Campbell
  • Dan A. Cover
  • Dr. Frank C. Craighead
  • John J. Craighead
  • Jim Enderson
  • Ed Fitch
  • Frances Hamerstrom
  • Victor Hardaswick
  • Donald V. Hunter
  • Stanley Allen Marcus
  • Dr. Heinz Meng
  • Morlan W. Nelson
  • Alva G. Nye, Jr.
  • Geoffrey Alan Pollard
  • Williston Shor
  • Roger Thacker

Founding Members, 1961
Offices that were created at later dates are not listed.

  • President: Harold M. Webster*
  • Vice-President: William Shinners
  • Secretary: Thomas M. Smylie
  • Treasurer: Thomas M. Smylie
  • Canadian Director: Frank L. Beebe*
  • Central Director: George Flaim
  • Mountain Director: Peter J. Asborno*
  • Pacific Director: William Shinners
  • Director-At-Large: Thomas M. Smylie
  • Director-At-Large: Harold M. Webster*
  • Editor, Hawk Chalk: Henry B. Babbitt

* = Deceased unless otherwise indicated.

NAFA Presidents

  • Hal Webster*
  • Bill Jameson*
  • Dan Cover*
  • George Kotsiopoulos*
  • Stan Marcus*
  • Roger Thacker*
  • Jim Weaver
  • Ralph Rogers
  • Ken Felix
  • Tim Kimmel*
  • Brian Millsap
  • Darryl Perkins
  • Dan Cecchini Jr.
  • Larry Dickerson
  • Bob Welle
  • Scott McNeff

* = Deceased unless otherwise indicated.


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