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2020 NAFA Elections
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North American Falconers Association

July 15, 2020



Director-at-Large - Online Ballot

Canadian Director – Unopposed

Great Lakes Director – Unopposed

Mountain Director – Unopposed

South Pacific Director – Unopposed



To: All Regular and Honorary members in good standing:

The 2020 NAFA election cycle has the following positions up for consideration: Canadian Director, Director-At-Large, Great Lakes Director, Mountain Director, and South Pacific Director. All are running unopposed except the Director-at-Large Directorate. 

The Director-at-Large position has more than one candidate running requiring an election. If you are a Regular or Honorary Member in good standing please take a moment to read the candidate biographies below. If voting online, please click the LINK to vote. 

All REGULAR members may vote.

The online election ends 11:59 PM on August 25. Mailed ballots must be postmarked no later than August 25, 2020.

Please vote at your earliest convenience. Results will be tabulated after 5 days following the conclusion of the election to allow time for members requiring paper ballots to return their ballots. Ballots and voting results are confidential. Your vote will remain anonymous at all times. Thank you for participating in our Association’s annual election.


Thank you all for your continued support!


Joan Marie


(**To download candidate bios and a paper ballot, please click here...)

Candidates for Director-At-Large – Unopposed

In alphabetical order; bios follow in same order.
ALL regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote


Adam Chavez

Andy McBride



Adam Chavez

Dear NAFA Members:

I would appreciate your consideration for re-election to the position of NAFA Director-At-Large. Prior to this position I was the South Pacific Director from 2011-2018. I am the Chair of the NAFA Abatement Committee since inception. I am also the current President of the California Hawking Club.

I make my living as a biotech sales professional with an MBA in Health Care/Human Resources and an undergraduate degree in Finance. I also am the owner of Adam’s Falconry Service, LLC which is an abatement firm. I have been a NAFA member since I was 13 years old. I am extremely passionate regarding serving NAFA to the best of my ability to promote the Cultural Heritage of Falconry.

In order to best serve the falconry community, I have been very supportive in non-resident take even when it means going toe-to-toe with other individuals with different viewpoints in a respectful way. I am working with other states in an effort to increase our Peregrine take in the Pacific Flyway and remove restrictions in California so that one day we can fly CA Peregrines. I have helped raise money to support another year of concerted effort to reestablish falconers' access to immature Golden Eagles in Wyoming as well as pay for transmitters that will go on rehabilitated released eagles to track their habits.

Over the last 30+ years as a falconer I have had the pleasure of training 24 apprentices. Trained 13 Game Wardens on the California Falconry Regulations.  I also give back to the Peregrines I love by conditioning rehabilitated falcons in preparation for release back to the wild.  I currently hunt with a Goshawk, Gyr x Peregrine, and a Gyr x Red-Naped Shaheen.  I love to train and fly all birds of prey. I ask for your support regarding this continued venture and please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent, or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration

* * * * * * * * * *


 Andy McBride

I am Andy McBride a resident of California that has been a falconer for 47 years. I have served as NAFAs South Pacific director, as well as a California Hawking Club director, in the past. and am currently on the BOA of the CHC.

I am married for 32 years to Dr. Victoria Joseph DVM. I have flown a few falcons in the past and an eagle, and now have settled into flying goshawks. I am a very active falconer Hawking both in Colorado and California. 

I still have NOT been convicted of any felony nor have I plead guilty or solo contend-ere. to any wildlife crime punishable by incarceration. 

Thanks for your time and for what you do for the club.

Andrew S McBride 


Candidate for Canadian Director – Unopposed

All Canadian regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote

Guy Rondeau


Guy Rondeau

My name is Guy Rondeau, 57 years old, father of six children, living in Québec City, Canada. I am a falconer along with my three oldest sons (my 10-year-old daughter is also a serious young apprentice!). I am presently a longwinger, with a lengthy history of flying shortwings. I have been a NAFA member since 1991 and was a corresponding member of the Zimbabwe Falconer’s Club (1992-1993), the British Falconer’s Club (1994) and the Association nationale des fauconniers et autoursiers français (2006-2007). In 2016, I have been nominated “IAF Advisor on West and Central Africa” and since January 2019, I am the NAFA Canadian Director. Throughout the years I have visited and made friends with falconers across Belgium, Canada, Djibouti, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, USA, and Zimbabwe,


Although a forest engineer by training, I have been involved in raptor research and conservation with special expertise in African and Palearctic raptors. I have been engaged in several studies on birds of prey in Africa, have worked on flagship conservation project (protected areas) for BirdLife International, WWF International, WWF-US, and Conservation International. I have been Director General of the Québec Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Network, and I am presently an official of the Raptor Research Foundation (chairman of the Leslie Brown Memorial Fund). In 2009, I created a firm specialized in environmental and social impacts studies focusing on major development and industrialized projects in Africa.

Since the late 1980's, I have occupied various official positions in the Association Québécoise des Fauconniers et Autoursiers and was deeply involved in the process to have falconry legalized in Québec in 2008. In 2016, I co-founded the Québec Falconry Association where I am currently president, with the legalization of wild-take (done!) and the improvement of the provincial regulations relevant to falconry as my primary targets. During my first mandate as NAFA Canadian Director, I proposed the creation of the new Canadian Technical Advisory Group (CTAG), composed of knowledgeable and experienced falconers from across Canada, in order to help NAFA understand and respond to Canadian regulatory issues, and to provide technical advice to the falconry community. I also concentrated my efforts on the proposed amendment to the Migratory Birds Regulations (MBRs / Canadian Wildlife Service), requesting that the term “falconry" be added to the text of the regulations, and on the current and crucial procedure for removing the Peregrine Falcon (anatum/tundrius) from the List of Wildlife Species at Risk (SARA).

I am honored to have been nominated by Alastair Franke for a second mandate. If reelected, my main goal will be getting access to peregrine-take for Canadians falconers (see the details in my recent Hawk Chalk reports).

I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.

Thank you,

Guy Rondeau

Québec, Canada


* * * * * * *


Je me nomme Guy Rondeau, 57 ans, père de six enfants, résidant à Québec, Canada. Je suis un fauconnier, tout comme mes trois grands fils (ma fille de 10 ans est également une apprentie assidue !). Je suis présentement un chasseur de haut-vol, avec un long parcours en bas-vol également. Je suis membre de la NAFA depuis 1991, et ait été membre étranger de la Zimbabwe Falconer’s Club (1992-1993), du British Falconer’s Club (1994) et de l’Association nationale des fauconniers et autoursiers français (2006-2007). J’ai aussi été nommé, en 2016, Conseiller pour l’Afrique occidentale et centrale de l’IAF. Au cours des années, j’ai visité des amis fauconniers en Afrique du Sud, en Belgique, au Canada, à Djibouti, aux États-Unis, en France, en Hongrie, au Kenya, au Maroc, au Royaume-Uni, en Tunisie et au Zimbabwe.

Bien qu’ingénieur forestier de formation, j’ai été impliqué dans la recherche et la conservation des rapaces avec une expertise particulière sur les oiseaux de proie africains et paléarctiques. J’ai été associé à plusieurs études sur les rapaces d’Afrique, et ai travaillé pour BirdLife International, WWF International, WWF US et Conservation International dans le cadre de projet phares de conservation (aires protégées). J’ai été Directeur-Général de l'Union québécoise de réhabilitation des oiseaux de proie (UQROP) et suis officier du Raptor Research Foundation (chairman du Leslie Brown Memorial Fund). En 2009, j’ai créé un bureau d’études en évaluation environnementale et sociale impliqué dans d’importants projets de développement et industriels en Afrique.

Depuis la fin des années ’80, j’ai occupé plusieurs postes au sein de l’Association québécoise des fauconniers et autoursiers et je me suis intensément investi dans le processus ayant conduit à la légalisation de la fauconnerie au Québec en 2008. En 2016, j’ai cofondé l’Association de fauconnerie du Québec (AFQ), où j’assume présentement la présidence, avec pour principaux objectifs la légalisation du prélèvement durable d’oiseaux de proie en nature (c’est fait !) et l’amélioration du contexte réglementaire provincial régissant la fauconnerie au Québec. Durant mon premier mandat en tant que Directeur canadien de la NAFA, j’ai proposé la création du nouveau Groupe consultatif technique canadien (CTAG), formé de fauconniers avertis et d’expérience de partout au Canada, afin d’assister la NAFA à comprendre les enjeux réglementaires canadiens et de procurer des avis techniques à la communauté fauconnière. J’ai également concentré mes efforts au niveau des modifications proposées dans le cadre de la modernisation du Règlement sur les oiseaux migrateurs (ROM / Service canadien de la faune), relatif à l’ajout du terme “fauconnerie” dans le texte du règlement et sur la présente procédure visant le retrait du Faucon pèlerin (anatum/tundrius) de la Liste des espèces sauvages en péril (LEP).

Je suis honoré dvoir été nominé par Alastair France pour un second mandat. Si je suis réélu, mon objectif principal sera l’accès, pour les fauconniers canadiens, au prélèvement du Faucon pèlerin en nature (voir les détails dans mes récents rapports Hawk Chalk).

Je n'ai jamais plaidé coupable ou nolo contendere, ni été reconnu coupable d'un crime ou de son équivalent fédéral, provincial ou de tout délit pour fauconnerie ou activités liées à la faune potentiellement passibles d'une peine d'emprisonnement.

Je vous remercie,

Guy Rondeau

Québec, Canada


Candidates for Great Lakes Director – Unopposed

All Great Lakes region regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote

Rich Borquist


Rich Borquist


Forty-eight years ago I stepped into falconry in 1972 with a Kestrel. In 1982 I began helping Bruce Clements in the weathering yard at NAFA’S Brigham City, Utah meet. It was my first introduction to service and community awareness. Over the years several of us continued strategizing individual layouts of each yard with a strong focus on safe placement of birds and equipment including perches, swivels, and leashing techniques. The outcome of longterm observations of this volunteer team effort has been that we, NAFA, is a model for equipment safety for falconers in North America and beyond.

Over the years I’ve been called the Gate Keeper among other things, but I prefer to be called the Yard Warden. For one week a year the Weathering Yard becomes the gate to a central hub of activity where falconers take time to share information and the kind of camaraderie our sport is known for. It is an excellent first exposure to the larger falconry community on all levels.

Throughout the years my wife has been my biggest supporter. From an early age my sons Brandon and Ion have followed me both in the field and into the weathering yard, where tolerance, diversity, and responsibility have modeled a passion for raptors, the sport, and service.

Service includes:

  • 1980’s: Meet Raffle MC for NAFA and the Great Lakes Falconry Club, several terms as Great Lakes Falconry Club Director
  • 2011 Recipient of NAFA's Freienmuth Award for members who go beyond the call of duty with our raptors and the organization.
  • 2017 Retired as NAFA Weathering Yard Warden (passed to my son Brandon Borquist)


I have not been convicted or plead guilty or nolo contendre to any felony of any kind, or any misdemeanor falconry or wildlife related activity.

I look forward to serving another term as NAFA's Great Lakes Director.

Rich Borquist 



Candidate for Mountain Director

All Mountain region regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote

Roger Tucker



Roger Tucker

Hello to all. Once again I am asking for your vote for the NAFA Mountain Directorship. It takes a while to really understand the inner workings of NAFA, which I have spent the last year and a half doing. I have tried to get to many of our mountain state event and plan to do more if re-elected as your director. I went to Montana and visited with new and old friends while picking up a new tiercel peregrine for the Broadmoor Falconry School. I attended the fabulous Desert Hawking Classic, in Arizona and met many wonderful people from all over the US and Canada. I attended as usual the Colorado Annual meet in January. In all these trips it has been a great pleasure to meet many NAFA members. I was planning on going to Idaho for the Falconers Rendezvous at the World Bird of Prey Center, however the Coronavirus cancelled that as well as many spring banquets. Now in quarantine mode I have been spending time reading, gardening, fishing and finishing some game bird pens. Birds are all molting well and plans for a new falcon are in my dreams. Both of my part-time jobs have been cancelled this spring but look forward to going back to work this summer. Supposedly the resort will open on June 28th. I have been a member of NAFA since 1986 when I started my falconry in Illinois. Since 1998 I have been a resident of Colorado. Flying passage goshawks, red-tails, and an occasional prairie falcon. In Colorado I have served as southern director, director at large, president, and apprentice director. In the past twenty years I have rarely missed a meeting, field meet, or social gathering. I enjoy hanging out and talking falconry with old pros and young beginners. I have participated in numerous apprentice workshops teaching new falconers proper falconry techniques and ethics. I have represented the Colorado Hawking Club at numerous meeting with the Division of Parks and Wildlife promoting change in  falconry regulations. I look forward to representing the Mountain Region for another term. Please feel free to contact me and have a discussion about the direction of this magnificent organization.

I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal, or provincial equivalent, or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.

Thank you for your support.



Candidates for South Pacific Director – Unopposed

All regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote

David Feliciano

David Feliciano

I have always had a fascination with wildlife and the natural world. My interest in falconry began as a teenager, but I didn't engage in the sport until a few years ago. The sport of falconry has become a bit of a lifestyle for me. I have met a lot of wonderful people through the sport and I look forward to seeing my friends at the meets almost as much as flying birds. I am currently flying an American Kestrel on starlings and I hope to hunt ducks with my falcons this winter. I appreciate everything NAFA does for the sport especially regarding wild take. I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration. Thank you for considering me for the position of South Pacific Director. 

Thank you

David Feliciano


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