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2019 NAFA Elections
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 North American Falconers Association

July 7, 2019




Southeastern Director

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Central Director – Unopposed

Director-At-Large – Unopposed

North Pacific Director – Unopposed

Northeastern Director – Unopposed

*South Pacific Director – Unopposed




To: All Regular and Honorary members in good standing:


The 2019 NAFA election cycle has the following positions up for consideration: Central Director, Director-At-Large, North Pacific Director,  Northeastern Director, South Pacific Director and Southeastern Director. All are running unopposed except the Southeastern Directorate.


Only the Southeastern Directorate has more than one candidate running thus requiring an election. If you are a Regular or Honorary Member in good standing and living in Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia please take a moment to read the candidate biographies below and then click the LINK to vote.  You may ONLY vote for a regional candidate IF YOU RESIDE IN THAT REGION.


The online election ends 11:59 PM on August 27. Mailed ballots must be postmarked no later than August 27, 2019.


Please vote at your earliest convenience. Results will be tabulated after 5 days following the conclusion of the election to allow time for members requiring paper ballots to return their ballots. Ballots and voting results are confidential. Your vote will remain anonymous at all times. Thank you for participating in our Association’s annual election.


Thank you all for your continued support!


Joan Marie


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Candidates for Southeastern Director

All Southeastern Directorate regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote

(In alphabetical order; bios follow in same order.)


Jeffery Coe
Lexington, North Carolina



My name is Jeffrey Coe; I’m currently Vice President of the North Carolina Falconer’s Guild. I’m based out of Lexington, North Carolina. I’m a married father of 3 with two daughters (24 and 5) and one son (19.)  As an adult, I’ve lived in the states of Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina. I have spent the past 20 years in the IT industry, but left my IT management position in August 2018 to start my own company.

I’ve been a part of the falconry community since 1996, when I started as an apprentice in my home state of Michigan. Due to family responsibility and life circumstances, I stopped practicing for around 14 years and returned to the sport in 2015 when I moved to North Carolina. Having to take a hiatus from falconry definitely made me realize how much it means to me. I feel this has put me in a unique position in how I view falconry and how important it is to pass on to the next generation of falconers.  I currently have and fly several species of raptors (Peregrine, Aplomado, Harris, RT) , but hunting squirrels with a Red Tail will always be one of my favorite hunting pursuits.

Through the years, I have seen great changes in falconry. I’m impressed by the communication amongst falconers, the sharing of different training techniques and the continued evolution of our sport. These changes are what will help us move forward, and I look forward to encouraging new things, along with growing more diversity in the falconry community. 

As the Southeastern director I will be responsive, honest and vocal. I will look to address both individual and local organization’s needs. I would like to see increased lines of communication with current membership, along with those who were once members. I’m highly interested in knowing what you feel NAFA is doing well, and what it isn’t doing well. I want to know what issues are important, and your concerns in areas I may not be aware of.

An example of an issue brought to my attention is land access. I would make it one of my missions as SE director to work with NAFA in conjunction with State and local governments, along with private land owners, to get increased availability for falconers.

In my opinion, the high quality of falconers, along with the type/amount of hunting we do, is drastically underrepresented in the Southeast. As director, I would like to see more initiatives and involvement from this region in NAFA and an increase in the recognition of the falconers here.

I encourage all of you to vote in the upcoming elections!

Have you ever plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent, or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration? Yes____ No X__

* * * * * * * * *

Richard Shores
Apex, North Carolina



Educated as an environmental engineer and employed as a research engineer, focused on environmental solutions that impact all our lives.  Falconry has and does provide me a common link between both my professional and personal interests.  My falconry interests truly began while working in Montana during the 80’s. It was a great opportunity to watch and enjoy a diversity of raptors in their natural environment.  In 2005 I finally had the time to become a falconer and I started as most falconers do, flying a Red Tail, Thoralee.  My third season, I drove to Texas and brought home a passage Harris Hawk, Texanna.  My fourth season, I flew to Arizona and brought home my second passage Harris Hawk, Zoe.  Flying a cast of Harris Hawks has been both educational and enjoyable and allowed me to be a regular for public education events.  For a couple seasons I flew three Harris Hawks in a cast, began to appreciate that more is not always better! My falconry experiences have also spent time with a Red Shoulder, a Coopers Hawk and a Kestrel.  Three years ago, I traveled to Utah and brought home an eyas Prairie falcon, Xena.  Despite the challenges of flying a long wing in North Carolina, I have and continue to enjoy every time she takes to flight.

Falconry today is represented by so many good people and some of my most valuable memories, will be the friendships found through falconry. I always look forward to going to different areas of the county, meeting new people and learning about the local falconry techniques.  The falconry experience is a continuous learning opportunity.

The quality of falconry is reliant upon the quality of apprentices and I have been a part of and participated in apprentice workshops ever since I began my own falconry experience.  The cultural heritage of falconry began a long time ago to meet the needs of those living a long time ago.  Falconry today must meet the needs of those falconers today. Back to my personal and professional life, I work with committees and teams every day, because this is how we get things done. Living in North Carolina allows me to appreciate and understand the falconry opportunities available in this part of the country and represent those interests during the NAFA Board of Director meetings.  

My first NAFA annual meet was Dodge City, Kansas in 2010 and I have been every year since.  I have also attended the NAFA regional meets in PA (2013) and in Alabama (2017) and State club meets in five different states in the SE District.  As your NAFA SE Director, I have had the opportunity to work with both current and past NAFA presidents Sheldon Nicholle, Scott McNeff, Bob Welle and Larry Dickerson.  Under the passionate leadership of all of these volunteers, the NAFA organization is strong and is working every day to ensure the rights of all falconers and the sustainability of falconry for generations to come.

As your current SE Directory, I believe in what NAFA represents and consider this responsibility both a privilege and opportunity to continue serving the falconry community.  I am very interested in continuing as your NAFA SE Director, please “cast” your vote for Richard Shores.

I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal, or provincial equivalent or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.


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Southeastern Director Election

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Candidate for Central Director – Unopposed

All Central Directorate regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote


Robert Huber
Stillwater, Oklahoma





It has been an honor to represent you as Central Director these past 15 months, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue in that position.


As Central Director I have made the following contributions,


· drafted and received approval of NAFA Sponsorship Policy,
· submitted an alternate proposal for how NAFA may handle harassment by simple modifications to the current code of conduct policy,
· working with the President and Vice President to develop ways that NAFA can be more inclusive toward our members in Mexico,
· working on ways to increase NAFA membership in Mexico, and
· developing a proposal to revise and update the NAFA advertising policies.


During the board meetings I have been an active voice.  My focus has been and will continue to be to keep processes simple and reasonable, and to help position NAFA to meet the challenges of the future.


My wife Julie and I have been married for 42 years, we have three children and seven grandchildren.  I worked for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality as an Environmental Program Manager.  As an Environmental Program Manager, I was responsible for drafting state regulations, division procedures and overseeing program enforcement for my division.  I represented Oklahoma as a member of the State Onsite Regulators Alliance (SORA) for twenty years and was a board member for fifteen years. I was chairperson of the SORA bylaws committee that was responsible for drafting new bylaws when the organization restructured in 2017.  I retired from state service in 2018 after 38 years of service.


I have been a falconer since 1969 and have been a member of NAFA since 1974.  I flew Red-tailed Hawks, Harris Hawks and a couple of Coopers Hawks during my first twenty years and then flew Wyoming Goshawks for over a decade.  I started flying falcons in 2000 and currently have a 20-year-old hybrid falcon and a one-year old tiercel Peales Peregrine.  Since retirement, I try to trap a passage Redtail each fall to fly and then release in the spring. 


I have served as Oklahoma Falconers Association President, Vice President, Secretary and was Raffle Coordinator for several years.  I chaired the 2009 NAFA meet in Woodward, Oklahoma, served as Co-chair for the 2015 NAFA meet in Kansas and was the Raffle Coordinator for the 2016 NAFA meet in Elk City.  After the 2009 NAFA meet in Woodward, I served as NAFA Future Meets Coordinator.  While in that position, the committee updated the NAFA meet guidelines and the first ever regional NAFA meet was organized and held in Pennsylvania.  The development of regional meets was in response to the needs of the members as stated in the membership survey completed by members in 2010.


As your Central Director I will continue to work toward:

·       facilitating communication between affiliate clubs and NAFA

·       utilizing the NAFA web site as a bridge for state clubs

·       promoting falconry at all levels

·       establishing processes to insure the continuation of falconry for all of us


I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent, or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.


It has been my privilege to represent you as NAFA Central Director and I look forward to the opportunity to continue as your Director for another term. 


If you have questions or would like to discuss my positions, please give me a call at (405) 334-9534 or send me an email at


Robert Huber



Candidate for Director-at-Large – Unopposed

 All regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote


Robert Lee Rainey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma




I’m honored to be nominated by Greg Thomas for NAFA’s Director at Large position. Greg is retiring after 10 years. I’m excited to serve all members of NAFA!

I’ve been married for 32 years to my patient and supportive wife Carilyn, and we have three grown girls, and one grandson. Like most, I balance falconry with life, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Falconry bit me at 8 years old and has been with me for over fifty years—I cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve been blessed to fly my fair share of short and longwings over a variety of game in the central U.S. I’ve seen North American Falconry evolve, but NAFA’s Mission remains a guiding light; I likewise cannot imagine falconry without NAFA.

I’ve worked hard serving NAFA including: (1) Leading NAFA’s first facilitated Strategic Planning Initiative, (2) Chairing the Management and Administration Improvement Committee, (3) Member, Technical Advisory Committee, (4) Assistant General Counsel and Parliamentarian, and (5) Member, NAFA’s Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy and Procedure Committee. I also served the committees which updated, drafted, and implemented the NAFA regional meets, NAFA meet guidelines, and NAFA Ethics Policy. Many found our work laid the foundation for productive change.

I’ve served as our state falconry association’s President, President Elect, and Vice President. I’ve led our state’s effort to form, incorporate, and adopt its first bylaws. I worked closely with our state regulators to improve falconry/hunting regulations.

Besides leading a legal team, I am Vice President and General Counsel of Performance Dashboard, an international consulting firm with validated assessment and consulting tools: we help organizations design strategy, implement organizational assessments, and drive performance improvement—importantly: we measure results.

First and last, NAFA is a member driven organization—everyone should have a voice. Many report I have strong execution and organization skills, high personal ethics, and good listening skills. I’ve learned and honed these skills helping clients nationwide over three decades solving challenges.

Along with bringing broad expertise to owners, business executives, senior management, and boards, I’ve enjoyed leading and advising business enterprises, owners, and nonprofit associations with strategic planning, fundraising, business succession, employment, litigation, asset protection, and estate planning. I’ve served in elected and appointed leadership roles for international, national, state, and local organizations; I love working with teams at all levels in organizational development and strategic planning. For example, under 3 governor appointments, I chaired our state’s second largest state agency, with a .5-billion-dollar budget and 5,000 employees, while working to implement productive systemic change.

I have not been convicted or plead guilty or nolo contendre to any felony of any kind, or any misdemeanor falconry or wildlife related activity.

NAFA continues to innovate and develop ways to assist state organizations to support falconry
and provide support for qualified and motivated apprentice falconers—our future. I hope to:
• Increase communication between state affiliate organizations, members, and NAFA
• Work to continue to enhance the evolving development of NAFA’s website
• Enhance NAFA’s web site to bridge and provide support state associations and minimize state organization burdens and promote communication
• Promote access to wild raptors and land access
• Ensure falconry education is promoted in North America
• Hear all views, promote civil discourse, innovate, and create positive outcomes
• Promote excellence in organizational governance to ensure all members are heard
• Ensure NAFA remains the premiere organization for North American and World Falconry

I can help NAFA address its challenges and opportunities. I seek your vote to help ensure NAFA continues to be your voice for North American Falconry.

Should you like to know more, contact me at direct: 405-753-1515,, or



Candidate for North Pacific Director – Unopposed

All regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote


Timothy Sell
Anchorage, Alaska


Hello; I am Timothy Sell. I live in Anchorage, Alaska with my wife, Colleen and our three kids, September, Solstice and Marcus.

I have been a falconer since 1973 and apprenticed under Jon Mousel in Canon city, Colorado. There I flew kestrels, red-tails and a prairie falcon. I moved to Alaska in 1982 and have since mostly been chasing waterfowl with long wings. I am currently flying a seven times intermewed Siberian Goshawk.

I worked several seasons with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game doing raptor surveys, mostly on Arctic and Anatum Peregrines, and then a couple of years of looking at Peale’s Peregrines after the Exxon Valdez accident.

I joined NAFA in 1985 and have been a member in good standing since. Probably my only claim to fame in the NAFA circle is that I designed the field meet pin for NAFA in 1992, thanks to the invitation of my dear old friend James H. Frazier.

I have been active in the Alaska Falconers Association for many years and gone before the Alaska Board of Game to testify several times on issues concerning falconry in Alaska.
I think that NAFA has done a wonderful job of representing and supporting falconry and that we are beneficiaries of all of the work that the organization has done. I would be happy to attempt to do my part for falconry and for NAFA. I believe in and support the North American model of wildlife conservation.

If elected I will support the majority of the North Pacific Directorate. I will attempt to communicate with the entire directorate and will act according to their desires and on their behalf.

I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.



Candidate for Northeastern Director – Unopposed

All regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote


Joe Kosakowski
Lebanon, New Jersey


As I run unopposed for my 3rd term as your Northeastern Director, I would like to take this opportunity to share my perspective of what I’ve focused on over the last 3 ½ years, and intend to continue to emphasis during my 3rd term.

Business Matters – Although NAFA is a Non-Profit, we generate income and have expenses. I’ve spent my entire career developing and deploying the skills needed to run and profitably grow several mid-sized companies, and have taken a special interest in insuring that we consider all aspects of all money related matters brought before the Board.

Transparency – Since joining the Board I have heard it stated more then once that “We are a Board Run” Organization. I don’t share this view and argue that we are a Member Organization, and that the Membership is entitled to know and understand all aspects associated with how the Organization is run.

On behalf of one of our Region Members I introduced a Proposal to Record Board Meetings, and Post the recording on the NAFA Website along with the meeting minutes. When called for a vote, I was the only Board Member who voted in favor of this Proposal. Going forward, I intend to continue to push for this level of transparency.

Membership – Increasing membership, particularly among the "next generation" of falconers, has been and will continue to be an area I intend to focus on,
Building Alliances - with other sportsman advocacy organizations, who share an interest in issues important to our community was an area I expressed interest in when I first ran for the Board.

Last year I suggested to the Board that we pursued becoming a member of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP). After working on behalf of the Board, we are now Members and I am NAFA’s Representative on the TRCP Policy Counsel.

Disclaimer - I have never been convicted or plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent, or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.



Candidates for South Pacific Director – Unopposed

All regular and honorary members in good standing may cast a vote


David Feliciano
Cypress, California


I have always had a fascination with wildlife and the natural world. My interest in falconry began as a teenager, but I didn't take engage in the sport until a few years ago. The sport of falconry has become a bit of a lifestyle for me. I have met a lot of wonderful people through the sport and I look forward to seeing my friends at the meets almost as much as flying birds. I am currently flying an American kestrel on starlings and I hope to hunt ducks with my falcons this winter. I appreciate everything NAFA does for the sport especially regarding wild take.

I have never plead guilty or nolo contendere, been convicted of any felony or its state, federal or provincial equivalent or any misdemeanor for falconry or wildlife related activities potentially punishable by incarceration.

Thank you for considering me for the position of South Pacific Director.

Thank you,
David Feliciano


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