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Wyoming Eagle Take Details

Saturday, March 30, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheldon Nicolle
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Dear NAFA Member,

Three weeks ago I sent an important eagle update detailing the new National Eagle Allocation Procedure that had been recently approved by the National Flyway Council. In that email we also talked about the ongoing depredation in Wyoming and the expected depredation permits to allow for two Golden Eagles to be taken for falconry. Because of the timing of the depredation and some regulatory concerns specific to Wyoming, the new National Eagle Allocation Procedure does not include take opportunities where depredation occurs in Wyoming, for now. That being said, a depredation permit has been issued and it's now time to find two falconers to go help a rancher in Wyoming with some problem eagles. 


I am very pleased to share the below message from IEAA President Mike Barker.


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Dear Fellow IEAA and NAFA Members;


Today, a door that has been closed and locked to the U.S. falconry community for ten years, opened. It isn't fully opened, but it has cast some light into the room. Eagle falconry with wild Golden Eagles is being given a new start in the U.S. This "re-start" bears little resemblance to the pre 2009 eagle trapping. It will take years of patient, professional, and unified effort to achieve eagle falconry as we once had. But this is a positive step in that journey.

The Wyoming rancher experiencing eagle depredation has received an eagle depredation permit which allows two falconers to trap an immature eagle on his ranch. The permit's effective date is April 15, so that is the soonest trapping can begin. The rancher has agreed to a "Plan" that outlines how this will be managed on his ranch and under his eagle depredation permit. As with any lease or private property that we hunt and fish on, the rancher has conveyed certain conditions. His Plan has been reviewed and approved by the NAFA Eagle Committee, the IEAA Board of Directors, Wyoming Game and Fish, and experienced eagle trappers.

The Plan and this Update outline the landowner sponsored lottery for two qualified falconers to get an immature Golden Eagle in Wyoming in the next few weeks. If you are properly licensed and prepared to travel to Wyoming on short notice, then you are invited to participate. You are required to submit your application electronically HERE
We give all applicants until 11 pm Mountain Daylight Time April 9 to complete their application. All qualified applicants will be included in a lottery managed by the rancher and witnessed by others. The lottery drawing may be conducted in a live broadcast online, on or about April 10. The two successful falconers are encouraged to begin their trapping efforts as soon as practicable on or after April 15. 

In order to apply for this opportunity, use this LINK (


The rancher is scheduling a meeting at his ranch on April 12. Invitees will include two Wyoming Game and Fish representatives, one USDA-Wildlife Services representative, two eagle researchers with extensive eagle trapping experience, an IEAA and NAFA representative, and the two successful applicants. The successful applicants are encouraged but not required to attend this meeting.

We continue to respectfully request no one contact USDA, USFWS, Wyoming Game and Fish, or ranchers without checking with an IEAA Board member or NAFA Eagle Committee member first.

On behalf of the IEAA and NAFA, good luck!

Mike Barker
Sheldon Nicolle


North American Falconers Association