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Membership Updates

Thursday, March 21, 2019   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Sheldon Nicolle
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Dear Member,


I have a couple of quick updates.... The first about the NAFA Membership Raffle and the second is an important Eagle Update from IEAA President Mike Barker on the ongoing eagle depredation and plans to allow the take of two eagles in Wyoming.


Membership Raffle - Member ID# 34682830, I'm still looking for you....

On March 16 we conducted a little raffle for all current NAFA members. The raffle was for a Marshall GPS system and, strangely enough, the winner still hasn't come forward to claim their prize, though several have tried... :)

The only two conditions to receive this incredible prize, (1.) be current on your membership dues as of March 15, 2019 and (2.) login and validate your Membership ID and let me know if it matches. Oh, and while you are logged in looking for that Member ID, please take a moment to verify your contact details, you mailing address so we can get out Hawk Chalks and Journal to you on the first try, and then checkout those phone numbers. Consider building out your online profile, upload a picture or two of yourself, your bird(s), and introduce yourself all while exploring NAFA's new Online Weathering Yard. This is your chance to connect with other NAFA members. Also, please check out the Announcements and find out about our new smartphone and tablet app called SocialLink.

Once again, as a reminder, please check your Membership ID. If your Member ID# is 34682830, let me know. Only takes a few second, so do yourselves a favor and login into the NAFA Members Only area and check to see if your Membership ID matches the winning number. One more time, NAFA Member ID# 34682830 is the WINNING NUMBER!

Pretty simple stuff... If that's your Membership ID, you won a brand new Marshall GPS system valued at over $1,195.00, all for being a paid up and current member of NAFA.. Huge thanks to Marshall Radio for helping to make this happen!

Click here if you're having sign-in problems:

(*To find your Membership ID# click HERE or go to:


Eagle Update

Below is a message IEAA President Mike Barker sent out to the IEAA membership earlier this evening. Because we are all working very closely on this, Mike has allowed me to share his message so that we are all on the same page and so that I don't misstate or forget something. It's important to note that the situation in Wyoming continues to evolve and a depredation permit may be issued to the rancher at any moment. Please read Mike's note and then let us know if you have any questions.

Dear Fellow IEAA Members;

Eagle Update #2

I have been asked by IEAA members to provide an update. I understand - everyone needs more information. I'm sure NAFA will be sending a similar update to their members in the near future.

This update does not address the National Flyway Council's Golden Eagle Allocation Procedure. Hopefully all of you are being contacted by your State's wildlife agency and the allocation procedure is moving along, as planned.

This update concerns the recent and ongoing eagle depredation in Wyoming that will hopefully result in two falconers trapping a passage Golden Eagle. The impacted rancher has received an eagle depredation permit, but it only allows hazing and harassment. He has been told by USFWS they are working on his second permit which will allow two falconers to trap an immature eagle on his ranch. Until he receives this second permit, and we see what it actually says, it is difficult to make plans. Once he receives his eagle depredation permit, the rancher will convene a meeting on his ranch. Invitees will include myself, two Wyoming Game and Fish representatives, one USDA-Wildlife Services representative, and two eagle researchers with extensive eagle trapping experience.

In the meantime, we have drafted, at the rancher's request, a Plan for the late Winter/early Spring Capture of Golden Eagles in this particular Depredation Area. This "Plan" has been reviewed and approved by IEAA Board members, NAFA Eagle Committee members, Wyoming Game and Fish, and eagle researchers with over a century of combined experience trapping eagles. The Plan is currently being reviewed by the rancher and one additional eagle researcher. Once the Plan is fully approved by the rancher and his advisors, it will be shared with all of you. The Plan will outline the "application process" for eagle falconers interested in trapping one of the two immature golden eagles we anticipate USFWS will allow. You will be asked to submit your application electronically. We hope to give all applicants at least 5-7 days to submit their application. All qualified applicants will be included in a lottery managed by the rancher and witnessed by others. The lottery drawing may be conducted in a live broadcast online.

The rancher will have complete control over all activities on his ranch. The rancher will have the final decision on the trapping procedures we will use. There will likely be a highly experienced eagle trapper working closely with the two chosen falconers. You will need to be prepared to help cover costs associated with any specialized trapping gear and reimbursing an eagle trapping expert for their expenses.

I realize this process bears little resemblance to the pre 2009 eagle trapping. As with any lease or private property that we hunt and fish on, the land owner may convey certain conditions, in this case we are abiding by the landowners wishes.

If you have a strong interest in this opportunity, you should do the following -

1) Make sure your State falconry permit(s) are in order and you have a clear endorsement or authorization from your State Wildlife agency to possess and hunt with a Golden Eagle. If your name is drawn, there will be time to purchase a Wyoming raptor capture license.

2) Organize your trapping gear and your trapping plan. The two falconers allowed to trap an eagle will be required by regulations to submit their trapping plan to USFWS 72 hours in advance of any trapping.

3) Try to build some flexibility into your schedule for the next few weeks, if possible.

We will continue to monitor and communicate important developments as we become aware of them. We continue to respectfully request no one contact USDA, USFWS, Wyoming Game and Fish, or ranchers without checking with an IEAA Board member or NAFA Eagle Committee member first.

On behalf of the IEAA,
Mike Barker

These are exciting times for eagle falconers. After almost a decade without an eagle take, it's only happened once in the last 11 years, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. I just ask that you remain patient while the last things fall into place. Most importantly and as Mike suggests above, GET PREPARED!

It's also important to repeat something Mike said above. "This update does not address the National Flyway Council's Golden Eagle Allocation Procedure. Hopefully all of you are being contacted by your State's wildlife agency and the allocation procedure is moving along, as planned."

Like a lot of other states already, today I received an email from my falconry coordinator asking falconers to contact her for the 'beta' drawing that will use the new Flyway developed allocation procedure. If you have not received a similar email, again, please remain patient, there's plenty of time. 


That's all I have for now, stay tuned!


Sheldon Nicolle

(214) 288-0670         


North American Falconers Association



Joan Wymer says...
Posted Thursday, March 21, 2019
Extraordinary team effort on an extraordinary timeline! No words can express the gratitude for the level of ongoing dedication of our leadership...