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December President's Message

Saturday, December 1, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheldon Nicolle
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 December 1, 2018

Dear Member,


Happy December 1st....

November was a very busy month for falconers. We celebrated World Falconry Day the world over highlighting women in falconry. It was exciting to see the stories and countless posts on social media emphasizing women’s contributions to the history and cultural heritage of falconry. One was a PDF provided by the IAF, which, if you missed it can be found here:

Falconry continues to grow in popularity and the contributions to our passion by this important part of our diverse and incredible family constantly amazes me.

I intended to keep this update short, sorry, with a promise of a more comprehensive update after the meet. That’s still a promise….

For a lot of us today is a travel day as we make our way to Lubbock for the annual field meet, that is unless you are already there. If you’re like me you’ve been planning and packing all week and know you’ve probably forgot something important but just can’t place your finger on it, yet. I’ll remember what it is about 2 hours down the road, that’s a given. Thankfully there will be vendors present to sell you whatever it is you forgot. I’ve got the truck packed and after hitting send on this email and then the ceremonial good-byes to the wife and kiddos I’ll be on my way too. My excitement for the week ahead can barely be contained.

As we’ve gotten closer and closer to the actual meet, I’ve received daily updates on all things meet related from co-chairs Brandi Nickerson and Corey Roelke. While the swag, nightly speakers, and seeing my extended family are always exciting, this year I’ve been extremely thrilled with the continual updates about the land acquisition efforts, almost 40 square miles or 26,000 acres of land with permission for us to hunt our birds on, and Corey’s online Google map app to help us get to these spots that he has secured. Well done to the both of you for what I'm sure is going to be another incredible event!

While safely driving to the meet, I’ve got a little nugget, a podcast, for you to listen to. NAFA member and Conservation Committee member John Goddell hosts an online Northwest Nature Matters Podcast. The podcast is produced by the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society in partnership with the Oregon Wildlife Foundation. John sat down with Honorary NAFA member and Peregrine Fund Founder Dr. Tom Cade and Kent Carnie and had an in-depth discussion about the history of the Peregrine Fund and the incredible recovery of peregrine falcons in North America, titled “The Return of The Peregrine”. John did ask me to mention that “this podcast is oriented to a general audience, not falconers, i.e. there are some aspects that will seem common knowledge to falconers that I try to spell out to the listener who is unlikely to have any background.” Regardless, I found the podcast very interesting and getting to hear Dr. Cade tell the story, in his own words, was, for lack of a better word, awesome. Below are options to listen to the podcast:




Google Play:


It’s NOW online and in the mail! If you haven’t already received your copy, you should shortly. Mailed out the day before Thanksgiving, bulk mail can take a couple weeks, add to that the holiday mail, there always seems to be a bit of a delay with the December publication. In the meantime, and for those of you who can’t wait to see it, check it out online today, or come to the meet and put your hands on it, we'll have copies for you to see.

This latest Dan Milner creation is jam packed with incredible articles submitted by members and other friends. Be sure to check out the great article by the Peregrine Fund’s Director of the American Kestrel Partnership Sarah Schulwitz. Sarah provides some great ideas and insight to helping America’s little falcon. A must read for anyone with or planning to put up a kestrel box. There’s also a fantastic bit about the most important person in NAFA, our very own Treasurer, the person who keeps us all in check, April Davenport-Rice. Among the other incredible articles is a really informative one from Don Hunley on weight control.

Go online and check it out today…. CLICK HERE


Please try to help the International Eagle Austringers Association (IEAA) Board fund this concerted effort to reestablish falconers' access to immature Golden Eagles in Wyoming. The IEAA plans to financially support a small group of falconers/scientists to be on the ground in Wyoming during the 2019 lambing season to document Golden Eagle predation. These falconers and/or scientists would live near the lambing grounds and work directly with ranchers in order to; witness lamb predation, have USDA on site to confirm, and secure a USDA Form 37 documenting eagle depredation. Anyone who understands the recent challenges with getting an eagle take knows that formally establishing a depredation area has been the single biggest challenge. This is a way to put ‘boots on the ground’ in support of the effort and to aid the federal and state agencies involved to enable an eagle take. If you have already donated to the project, thank you, otherwise please consider throwing a few dollars their way help make this happen.

For more information see:



December is the traditional start of the membership renewal period. Included in the December Hawk Chalk is a reminder renewal form for those of you who prefer the traditional snail mail methods. Otherwise, you can renew at any time by logging on to the NAFA website and accessing your ‘My Profile’ for the link to renew, it should say “Renew now!” at the top of the page if your membership expires soon.

Refreshed NAFA Website and Online Weathering Yard


Website Redesign - If you haven't noticed yet, please take a moment to check out the redesigned NAFA home page. Thanks to the creative abilities of Hawk Chalk and Journal Editor Dan Milner, we worked with our membership management software provider, YourMembership, to redesign and deploy a new and freshed the NAFA website. Most importantly, the new website is much more mobile and tablet friendly.


Online Weathering Yard - As an organization, communication and sharing of timely information is important.  To better facilitate membership engagement NAFA has rolled out a new member's online community that we fondly call the 'Online Weathering Yard'. To access this new community simply login in using your member ID and password and you'll be presented with the new NAFA Weathering Yard community pages. In time it's our hope that members will use this new and exciting tool to reach out to other falconers either in their own backyard or around the world.


We are also pleased to announce that the new NAFA Online Weathering Yard member community is now available on your mobile devices and desktop or via a downloadable app called SocialLink. This brand new way to easily connect with fellow members, share information across the NAFA online network, register for meets, pay your membership dues, and manage your membership preferences provides members all the self service features you could ever want or need. Finding member information and updates has never been easier thanks to this exciting new enhancement!


To download the app on your mobile phone or another device:

Direct links: Google play store | Apple store

OR search “SocialLink” in the app store on your mobile phone or other device and download.

To login to the app, you use the same membership login from the NAFA website.
Once logged in it will ask you to confirm some of your personal preferences for the app – you can always go back and adjust these later.

We encourage you to stay logged in to the app for easy access, however, if you do choose to sign out the app will remain on your mobile phone or another device. If you have issues logging back in, clear the cache on your phone.

This is a membership directory on your phone! Make friends, manage groups, post pictures, ask questions, this is a true membership engagement tool that I hope you will all take the time to learn about and enjoy.

*This community and app is available to current NAFA members only and requires a member login to access. To become a member, click here.



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As I promised, I'll send out another update after the Field Meet highlighting what happened and with any important news.


If you are traveling, PLEASE travel safe and see you in Lubbock! 


Finally, in closing......... Always remember...... "Our differences as falconers make us stronger, but falconry is what unites us!

Falconry makes us family!"


Thank you all for your continued support!

(214) 288-0670

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Call your State Representative and ask them to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act (RAWA). RAWA would indeed mean transformative change for people and wildlife, the kind of breakthrough that comes once in a generation. But it won’t happen unless people who care get informed, get involved and work together. CLICK HERE to learn more

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William C. (Bill) MacBride III (12/12/1935 - 11/2/2018)

When you think of falconry, only a few names come to mind or stand out. It does not matter if you are relatively new to the sport and our club or have been a long time member, Bill MacBride was a name that always came up. Last night I received the devastating news that Bill had passed away.

Bill was a lifelong member of PFHT and a falconer for longer than most can remember. For years, he was a source of knowledge, history, stories, and the occasional joke to every new falconer that came to our meets. For as long as I can remember, there was never an event that he had missed, whether it was NAFA or our own. His loss will be felt across the falconry community and I think I speak for everyone when I say that he will be greatly missed.

Best Regards,
Patrick Miller, President



I joined NAFA in 1990, six years after I received my falconry license. I am proud to practice this ancient, sporting art, and I am very grateful for the support that NAFA provides to its members. Of all the organizations that I belong to, my NAFA membership is the most important to me because I think of it as "insurance" for my way of life. The work that NAFA does monitoring the Federal Register, working with the USFWS, partnering with like-minded organizations, and advocating for falconry throughout North America is invaluable to me. The wonderful times I've spent in the field hawking with friends, and the camaraderie of NAFA meets, where I get to reconnect with friends around the country and the world, are all made possible through the hard work of directors and volunteers. Simply stated, NAFA is preserving falconry for today, and for future generations.~Anne Price


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