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November President's Message

Tuesday, November 1, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheldon Nicolle
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November 1, 2016



Dear @@first_name@@,


Happy November to all of you wonderful supporters of North American falconry!  Our time of year has come back around again.  Our annual field meet is so close I can smell it, and for many of us who are also large game hunters, the rut is just about to kick into high gear around much of the continent.  Life is indeed, good. 



This year, World Falconry Day (November 16th) will be a part of our celebration at the field meet in Elk City.  The focus this year is “Peregrine Recovery” which is something that NAFA and many NAFA members can take great pride in, as we have been an important part of this great success story.  If you are attending the meet, keep your eyes peeled for a focus on this topic during our activities on Wednesday.  There will be a good number of passage peregrine falcons in attendance as well.  While we are on this topic, I should let you know that your leadership team continues to work with flyway council representatives to secure much greater access to passage peregrine falcons.  I’ve had several phone calls on the topic just this week, and I’m confident that we are going to see a vast increase in access to this cherished resource.  What would falconry be without peregrines?


From the IAF:

Dear Falconers, Associations and all people associated with Falconry.


The 4th "World Falconry Day 2016" is approaching on November 16th when we celebrate the anniversary of the recognition of falconry by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. On this occasion we invite you to celebrate with a common theme regarding falconry. This year we have chosen the slogan "Celebrating Recovery of the Peregrine falcon”.


World Falconry Day Celebrates the Global Restoration of the Peregrine Falcon – A Conservation Success Led by Falconers…..(Click Here To Read More)


NAFA Proudly Supports the IAF 



For you folks who will be with us in Elk City, there will be some positive and interesting news released from the Falconry Fund 501c3 organization.  The NAFA board has enjoyed watching the Fund spread its proverbial wings, and things are looking good.  After the announcement, you can expect to hear details from me and/or your Regional Director.  If you’re looking for a good recipient for a charitable donation prior to April 2017, keep the Fund in mind, and stay tuned for more details. 


Click here for NAFA Merchandise 



Members of the Editorial Advisory Committee have just finished reviewing the file for the December Hawk Chalk.  Your editor, Dan Milner has put together another eye opener that will hit your mailboxes early again.  If you or your state club contributed submissions for this issue, I thank you!  It looks great!  Of particular interest is an article submitted by NAFA Sales Rep Cathy Tintinger and Stephanie Thomson, detailing their recent trip to the Netherlands to represent NAFA at a conference for women and sustainable hunting.  It’s a great read, and an example of something that your board of Directors is interested in doing more of.  I hope you make time to read it, and that it ruminates in the back of your consciousness.  If you know of or hear about other, equally valuable opportunities for NAFA to have a presence, contact a Director, and we will see what we can do to make it happen. 



The 2016 NAFA Field Meet is almost here! It's not too late to make plans. This year’s meet will be hosted in Elk City, Oklahoma. On the western side of the Sooner State, Elk City is conveniently located between Oklahoma City and Amarillo on I-40 and the historic Route 66. Briefly named Busch, Oklahoma, in a failed attempt to attract a beer brewery, Elk City has been a cattle hub since 1901. Visitors can "get their kicks" at a variety of museums including the National Route 66 Museum, Old Town Complex, and the one-of-a-kind Transportation Museum.


It may be too late to pre-register, but you can still register in-person at the meet! For ALL the latest news and meet particulars go to:

Western Oklahoma is well known for providing hunters with a variety of game, and Elk City is one of Oklahoma’s true western communities. A day in the field could provide you with the chance to fly cottontails, jack rabbits, quail, and ducks in wide open skies. 


Things are rolling for this year’s meet and Oklahomans are excited to host falconers from across the country and around the world this November. Remember, registration is NOW OPEN via the NAFA website.

Go to the field meet Facebook page,, and "Like" us to receive all the latest updates about the 2016 meet, and please share/invite all your falconry friends.

Visit the Archives of Falconry and get caught up on all the news.


Want to remember a falconer by making a donation to the Wall of Remembrance?

(Click to learn more....)






We’re preparing to thank the NAFA Field Meet host community of Elk City with our fifth annual NAFA blood drive Tuesday, November 15, 2016, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Look for the Bloodmobile at the Meet hotel, the Clarion Inn.


Click HERE to make your reservation to donate blood!

Please consider donating this year. Remember blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.

You can click on the link below to access the online schedule:

Hope you can join us again this year!





Your Board of Directors approved distribution of complimentary associate memberships for Apprentice-class falconers. If you are sponsoring an apprentice who would benefit from this offer, have them contact a NAFA Director with proof of their permit in hand.



Have you made plans to attend our Regional Field Meet in late February?  We will be hosted by the Alabama Hawking Association, and it’s going to be a really excellent gathering of fine falconers sharing great southern food and convivial moments afield.  If you haven’t made firm plans, but are considering attending, please read the following short story by Gary Brewer CLICK HERE.  He makes a pretty compelling case for putting this event on your calendar, in permanent ink!  He also states that he would like to see NAFA refer to this meet as the Squirrel Hawking Extravaganza that it will no doubt be.  Well, there you have it Gary!  Between Mr. Brewer’s planned presentation one night, another by one of our all-time favorite squirrel-hawking aficionados, Jeff Fincher, and the fact that Camden Alabama is vibrating with bushytails, there’s no denying that this year’s regional meet has a particular focus.  It’s going to be a great time.  I’m looking forward to it, and hoping to bring along my own well-seasoned squirrel-bagging red-tailed hawk, “Hutch.”   



Mark your calendars, the 2017 AHA/NAFA Regional Field Meet is scheduled for Feburary 23-26, 2017. The Alabama Hawking Association has graciously offered to host NAFA members in the heart of the Alabama Black Belt of Camden, Alabama this coming winter. Stay tuned for more information from Meet Chair Michael Moore on the meet and make sure to check the NAFA Facebook page for a link to the 2017 Regional Meet Facebook page at:  

We Are All In This Together


Finally, please remember that NAFA is always here to protect and perpetuate falconry as an intangible cultural heritage. If you become aware of anything in your state or province that could potentially impact the way that we are able to practice our art and culture, please do not hesitate to contact members of NAFA leadership. Do not assume that we have already been made aware of the issue. We would rather hear about something several dozen times than risk not noticing it at all.

Thank you all for your support, and for helping us adhere to the initiatives outlined in our mission statement and bylaws.




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