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June President's Message

Wednesday, May 31, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sheldon Nicolle
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June 1, 2017



Dear @@first_name@@,


Let me get right to the most pertinent point of this message; there is a very real possibility that we are not going to receive the promised increase in passage peregrine permits in time for this coming fall migration. As you all know, NAFA’s collaborative efforts with the Flyway Councils resulted in a recommended increase in permits from 36 annually, to 144 (east of the 100th Meridian). That recommendation stands, and the lawyers that work for the USFWS have signed off on those numbers.

Here’s the rub.The problem is there is a bottleneck in getting anything published in the federal register, as such it may be months before this happens with regard to the peregrine take. You can guess where we fall on their prioritized list. This is an issue that members of Congress can do nothing about, so a handful of us on NAFA’s leadership team hustled around and managed to address Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke with our concern and plea for assistance. You can view the letter by clicking here. There are 3 months to get this into the Federal Register. Here’s hoping it will happen, so that we don’t have to wait until the fall migration of 2018 to cash in on those additional permits.


NAFA Proudly Supports the Falconry Fund


This peregrine issue continues to illustrate why it’s important for our community to nurture functional and positive relationships with the agencies that regulate what we do. Your board of Directors met via teleconference a couple of weeks ago, and among other agenda items, engaged in an interesting conversation on the topic of the language that we use to describe falconry and how important and powerful certain words can be. Many of you have noticed that members of our leadership team have begun describing falconry as a hunting pursuit, an art, a cultural heritage that’s steeped in history and tradition. Make no mistake – this is not an attempt to hide behind words. This is part of a continued effort to manage our own narrative as a community. We are defining ourselves by way of our written record, with the explanations and examples necessary to foster positive perceptions from the larger society regarding what they think falconry is, and what it is that our community contributes.

Many of the most highly regarded falconers on this continent were (and are) highly credentialed raptor biologists, respected by their peers and by colleagues that work in various regional and national government organizations. We owe a lot to those fellow falconers because they laid the foundation for our claim that we are a group of citizen scientists that enjoy hunting and natural history. We have a long record of positive contributions to conservation that we can be very proud of when we have the opportunity to refer to it.

This conversation and these ideas will
continue to be explored and I want to be sure that NAFA members don’t misconstrue some of these discussions as an effort to diminish any particular form of falconry. I’m fond of reminding our members that we are all in this together, and I firmly believe that unity in our community is paramount, so please don’t think that I’m suggesting anything to the contrary when I refer to falconry as something other than a sport. I’m a die-hard dirt hawker with a red-tailed hawk and a goshawk that I push hard on wild quarry. When I’m in conversation with members of the general public, I don’t try to hide the fact that I hunt small game for enjoyment, but I DO make an effort, when applicable, to emphasize the multitudinous contributions of falconers who came before me and earned their places atop the pedestals of idolization that exist in my mind. Society continues to change around us, and our community can only stand to benefit from a regular focus on the fact that we are more than just a user group, looking for the next handout. We are putting our best foot forward on your behalf and we know that many of you are out there doing the same when you make presentations to various groups that have asked for presentations. If you’re one of the folks out there who is giving lectures and putting a good paint job on our shared passion, thank you!!!


NAFA Proudly Supports the IAF 



The deadline for nominations is JUNE 5th! Less than a week to go.

Are you ready to step up and serve the organization that has fought so hard to protect and perpetuate falconry in North America?

I believe that there is a time and a way for each and every member of NAFA to contribute to our community. If you've got leadership skills and care deeply about the future of falconry, consider stepping up and helping us steer the ship. It's an exciting time to be involved. We have a lot of irons in the proverbial fire, and have been engaged in serious long-term planning to further expand our reach, efficacy, and ultimate impact. Toss your name in the mix. Contact Secretary Donna Vorce today.

Visit the Archives of Falconry and get caught up on all the news.


Want to remember a falconer by making a donation to the Wall of Remembrance?

(Click to learn more....)





NAFA returns to the middle of the nation for the 8th time in 2017. We will gather again in Kearney, Nebraska. Game populations are good to excellent compared to years past.

    Dates: 11/16/2017 -> 11/24/2017
     Location: Kearney Holiday Inn
    Cost: $89.95 per night
    Must call: Direct to Hotel: (308) 237-5971


**Identify yourself as NAFA Meet participant. Third party, or reservations to any other Holiday Inn number will NOT receive the group rate.

Overflow: LaQuinta Inn: Again call Direct to hotel: (308) 237-4400 : LaQuinta is on the same property as Holiday Inn, same ownership.

**Identify yourself as NAFA Meet participant to get group rate.


Hotel is Open for Reservations!

Vendor Block of rooms held until September.

Information on meet registration through website, or on paper in August Hawk Chalk.

Meet Registration is OPEN -


For immediate questions phone Ralph Rogers, Meet Chair: @ 406 350 5487.






Last year your Board of Directors approved distribution of complimentary associate memberships for Apprentice-class falconers. If you are sponsoring an apprentice who would benefit from this offer, have them contact a NAFA Director with proof of their permit in hand.


Click here for NAFA Merchandise



This International Meet and Workshop is being organized by NAFA's Eagle Committee. The Meet and Workshops are being held in Rock Springs, Wyoming and begin Monday October 16 and runs thru Saturday October 21. NAFA’s Co-sponsors include The Falconry Fund, International Eagle Austringers Association, the CMA Fund, the Talon Trust, Mike’s Falconry, Expedition Art, G&B Ranch, CorJo Wildlife Productions, and Wyoming Falconers Association.


For more information on this exciting meet and an opportunity to come out and learn more about eagle falconry while supporting efforts being made to secure and expand take for falconry, please see the NAFA Eagle Meet and Workshop events page located at:


Also, to keep up with all the latest information and updates follow the meet Facebook page at:



"I knew when getting into falconry that it would be a journey but I would never have imagined it would also turn into a committed, long-term relationship with a hawk that would take me through high school, to college and beyond, spanning hawking trips in 14 states and with an ever-growing group of fellow falconers who I consider best friends and family.

NAFA has been instrumental in friendships and connections that continue to this day, spanning across the country and beyond. I’ll never forget my first NAFA meets, crammed in a truck at sunrise with people from all walks of life who shared the same burning passion to watch a falcon hurtle earthward towards a flock of ducks.

With an ever-growing threat to wildlife and wild places we need to stand together to protect our falconry heritage. Thank you to NAFA for working hard to keep our sport, our wildlife and our wild places strong and vibrant for generations to come." Simone Lupson-Cook



Finally, please remember that NAFA is always here to protect and perpetuate falconry as an intangible cultural heritage. If you believe in what we are doing, and are committed to the cause, maintain your membership with us, make a financial donation to the Falconry Fund (, and see what you can do in your local community to educate the public about falconry and contribute to the conservation of wild places and wild animals.

Thank you all for your support, and for helping us adhere to the initiatives outlined in our mission statement and bylaws.





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